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User Friendly And Secure Payment Solution


miricard-smartphoneMiri Systems, LLC provides a speedy, easy-to-use payment solution that is ideally suited for both Internet-based e-commerce transactions as well as the rapidly growing "contactless" point-of-sale transactions. The MiriCard™ solution is based on a patented process that creates a single-use number that looks and functions like a credit /debit card number and is authorized through existing credit/debit card approval systems. However, the dynamic number also contains hidden information that is used to validate the purchase transaction. It also provides unprecedented fraud protection that reduces monetary losses and increases overall consumer confidence.


How is it used?

A payment is made by simply pressing a button (one time) on a cell phone, computer or smart card. The MiriCard number is then generated and submitted for processing the same as any other debit or credit card transaction.


How does it work?

A temporary expiration date and a user MAN (MIRI AUTHENTICATION NUMBER) is hidden (encoded) in the number generated. This information can only be extracted by passing the number through a MiriCard decoder typically hosted by the issuing bank or association. If valid, the actual account number is used to authorize the purchase transaction. The authorization code is then sent back to the merchant to complete the purchase transaction. The actual account number is neither accessible to, nor ever stored by the merchant.


What are the technology components of MiriCard?

Miri Systems provides an encoder to generate the MiriCard number and a decoder to retrieve and validate the information hidden in the number. The encoder is installed on a payment device (cell phone, computer or smart card) and is unique to each device. The decoder is hosted on the issuing bank's payment authorization system.


miricard-notebookWhat are the benefits?

Simple, safe and easy to use.

Five times faster than traditional methods to submit a payment.

Can be used anytime, anywhere (no Internet connection required).

Unprecedented fraud prevention that minimizes monetary losses.

Works with existing credit/debit card accounts.

As merchants deploy "contactless" terminals, they can immediately accept MiriCard™ transactions.

The actual account number is stored and accessible only by the issuing bank.

The MiriCard encoder is unique to every user and every device.


What is the value proposition?

Miri Systems offers a unique opportunity for issuers to gain market share and increase transaction volume and revenue. Consumers are hungry for a simple, safe and easy-to-use payment method and will quickly embrace the MiriCard solution. Because of the system's simplicity and security, consumers will prefer to use it for all their purchase transactions, resulting in increased transaction volume and revenue for the issuer. The reduction in fraud will also minimize monetary losses.

The MiriCard solution is also the easiest and most secure payment vehicle for use on a cell phone and is in position to become the preferred m-payment solution in the marketplace.


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