About us

The Company

Miri Systems, LLC is the developer and marketer of the MiriToken™, MiriID™, MiriCard™ and MiriPay™ systems. Its members include software developers and banking experts with decades of experience in custom software and credit card solutions as well as experts in quantitative analysis of complex systems and intellectual property development. The company was created to make this patented transaction security system available worldwide to companies and institutions interested in licensing or purchasing this technology.To learn more about Miri Systems and its potential in your industry, email Miri Systems.


Executive Directors
Vittorio P. Antonacci M.D.

Srinivasa R. Gangavarapu

Sreedhar Patibandla

Paul E. Vasil

Ludwik F. Zon


Miri Systems APAC Pte. Ltd.

Rajan S. Narayan – Managing Director

Prashanth D Pereira – Dy.CEO


Advisory Board

Stephan L. Abrams

James Allard

William O. Cooper

Robert E. Sandstrom, Ph.D.



Ludwik F. Zon - Chief Executive Officer

Paul E. Vasil – Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Sandstrom – Chief Technical Officer

Tom Laskowski – Director of Client Services

Chris Emanuel – Legislative Analyst