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An Ideal Complement to Smart Devices


miritoken-smartphoneThe MiriToken™ soft token technology gives you a greater level of authentication security than traditional tokens. MiriToken is a soft token, software based technology that authorizes secure access to computer systems through the use of personal computers, smart phones, tablets and other PDAs (personal digital assistants). It offers an efficient solution for the distribution, activation and reuse of tokens that is critical to strong and reliable authentication. MiriToken allows an institution to establish an enterprise-wide authentication policy that protects its most valuable applications, resources and information.


This personal authorization method utilizes advanced patented "dynamic" single-use number technology to positively verify the authenticity of the user. App pages within the platform are completely customizable; institutions can add information such as text, images and graphics to personalize their apps. The MiriToken technology is a nine digit token and is based on an algorithm that is completely data-driven. It delivers a secure, efficient and simple authentication solution for all users, from any place and device.


Miri Numbers can be generated with or without the internet. When the app is offline, the device running the Miri application utilizes the local encoding keys to generate the numbers. These local encoding keys are delivered to the device during the activation process as seed data. Miri Systems has patented this pioneering technology for use in many different applications. They include, digital signature identification, logging into networks, online banking, passenger authentication for transit systems, etc.