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The Ultimate In Login Security


In today's fast-paced, interconnected world of computer transactions, innocent keystrokes have become an invitation for keyloggers and malware to steal login credentials. Internet thieves have declared open season on your vulnerable customers. Unless, of course, you work with Miri Systems.


The new MiriID™ identification and authentication solution employs the same patented dynamic number technology as the MiriPay™ system. It uniquely identifies and authenticates individuals for secure access to online systems used for banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, government programs and myriad other services where secure personal identification is required. It lets consumers securely and anonymously access their accounts without fear that sneaky cyber-bandits will steal their personal identification credentials. Using the same technology that powers MiriPay, MiriID generates a dynamic, single-use number with hidden information that is used to accurately identify and authenticate the user.


Nothing Could Be Simpler

To use MiriID, just enter a security code to open up the MiriID applet, then click on a button to generate and transmit a single-use login number. Once used, that unique MiriID number will not be valid again, giving your customers the peace-of-mind to login securely from any public or private computer. Static login credentials are never used at the online point of access and are not transmitted across the Internet, effectively neutralizing malware programs from whisking them away undetected.



Can be used on any public or private computer.

Simple and easy-to-use login process.

User identity is protected and secure.

Static login credentials are never stored on the computer, nor transmitted over the Internet.

No complicated user IDs and passwords to remember.

Login credentials are protected behind the firewall of the system being accessed.

Software-based; needs no hardware components (tokens, etc.).

Applets can be distributed via the Internet.

Needs no Internet connection to generate the dynamic number.

Works on cell phones without requiring a connection to the Internet.

Multiple online accounts can be supported; the user simply opens the MiriID applet and selects the account to access.


Extra Layer of Security

The MiriID applet can also be used on a cell phone to create a MiriID single-use login number that can then be typed into a computer to create the most secure means possible of accessing online systems. By using two separate devices, the user is completely protected from PC hackers and keylogging malware. This gives your customers secure online access from any public computer without fear of static login credentials being stolen. It's important to note that identity theft can still occur from keyloggers installed on those computers if the user is typing sensitive information into the system once they have been granted access.


Isn't it time your customers were protected from open-ended evites to keyloggers and malware? Find out more about MiriID today!