MiriCard™ for M-Commerce Purchases

The MiriCard™ applet is the easiest, most secure way to make cell phone-based purchases today. With a "click and buy" interface, a mobile online purchase can be made in four easy steps.


00ip-menuscreenTouch the MiriCard™ logo and then enter your security code to activate the payment applet.


02ip-blanknumberSelect an expiration timeframe for the transaction and then press the "Go" button to create a MiriPay virtual number.


The transaction expiration date and Miri Authentication code will be embedded in the MiriPay virtual number that is generated.


04ip-newnumber2Press the "Use" button to make the payment to the merchant.


The merchant submits the payment for approval like any other credit/debit card payment.


05ip-usednumberThe color of the MiriCard number will turn red indicating that it has been used and is no longer available.


Press "New" to start the process all over again.


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