Miri Systems provides multiple applications for enterprise security and payment options. Our professional services team offers options around architectural planning, testing, production implementation, validation and support. In addition, our development team is available for specific customization services to better adapt our applications to your user preferences or internal standards. See below for more detail, or contact us if you have any questions:


Implementation Planning and Testing

We understand that changes within an enterprise, especially as they relate to authentication or payment processing, require thorough planning and testing. Our professional services team is available to provide step-by-step assistance in the following areas:


1. Proof-of-Concept Execution – Working with your team, our professional services group will perform the interviews, analysis and high-level architecture review required for a successful proof of concept. The product of this exercise will be:

  • Documented success criteria
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Detailed project plan together with timeline, roles and responsibilities
  • Documented test plan
  • Actual implementation assistance
  • Project closure documents

2. Production Implementation Planning – Detailed implementation planning is crucial to the success of the MIRI product in your environment. Our team will:

  • Analyze and evaluate production success criteria related to performance, scalability, security and operations
  • Understand your internal processes related to change management, QA, production release, etc.
  • Define product interface requirements with existing production systems
  • Define hardware/software architecture and layout
  • Document an implementation plan for review and comment within your organization's change review process
  • Define the implementation project plan together with timeline, roles and responsibilities
  • As required, define custom interfaces and testing process related to non-standard integration points
  • Assist in the actual production implementation process
  • Document "as-built" system
  • Assist in testing and acceptance process
  • Managed project close documents

Post Implementation

After a successful integration of your MIRI product, our professional services group can be available for:


Product Support Services – With a support contract, our engineers can interface with your team to assist in trouble shooting efforts related to our products. Our service desk is ITIL compliant and can, if required, integrate with your own support process and work flow.


Product Customization

Our platform has been designed to be extremely flexible and provides the ability to be fully integrated into your existing processes and programs. In the event that the look and feel, workflow or integration methods of our application interfere with existing standards or preferences we have the ability to adapt.


Our software development team is able to perform significant modifications to our platforms without taking your company out of our upgrade or support path.