Miri Systems Authentication Platform

Customize your own policies and controls with Miri Systems Authentication Platform. Miri Systems, LLC is a leading-edge developer of technology to combat fraud and offers its proprietary authentication platform worldwide through a number of industry-specific solutions.


Our products include: MiriToken, MiriID, MiriCard, MiriPay, MiriLogin and MiriCheck.


The Miri suite of products are based on one-time use dynamic virtual numbers. With several international patents, they and are presented on a customizable and deploy-anywhere user interface.


Miri Systems Authentication Platform allows Administrators to get complete visibility into users' activity. Miri's dynamic authentication provides the ability to enforce custom policies/controls and secure data no matter where it is located. Miri Systems Authentication Platform lets you easily manage your users and gives you complete control over your organization's security environment. Security solutions only work if your users use it and Miri makes the multi-factor authentication experience natural and easy. Keep sensitive data confidential by integrating Miri Systems Authentication Platform.

  • Patented proprietary algorithm runs on only 11KB of memory.
  • Platform can be customized to run on any database.
  • Adaptive authentication can help detect the use of stolen or compromised credentials and allow you to react quickly to a potential breach.
  • Integration and Implementation is easy.
  • Can be used as an embedded technology for machine to machine authentication.

Worldwide applications include financial institutions, governments, corporations, information technology industry, health care, education, social networks, transportation and any other organizations needing a secure method of identification and authentication of its users. The platform products are available to be used as both an identification app, such as a health insurance card and as secure login credential to sensitive health insurance information via the same application.


The Miri platform does not require access to sensitive user information and it allows businesses to immediately create fully customized apps and deliver them on a large scale to their users (customers, employees, agents, etc.) through the iTunes, Google Store, Blackberry, Windows store without spending thousands of dollars to develop their own.